Rose Law Partners LLP Attorneys Obtain Trial Win, Including Back Rent, Use and Occupancy, and Attorneys’ Fees for Commercial Landlord

Partner Sammy Nabulsi and Associate Alexandra Klindienst obtained a favorable judgment for the firm’s commercial landlord client following a bench trial in the Hingham District Court. The client’s delinquent office tenants brought suit first for breach of contract, self-help eviction, violation of chapter 93A, and defamation. Attorney Nabulsi filed counterclaims for possession on behalf of RLP’s client and a separate summary process action against one of the office tenants, who was the named lessee under a commercial lease agreement, for failure to pay rent, for use and occupancy, and for an order that the unit be vacated following a notice to quit.

Following the office tenants’ presentation of their case at trial, the Rose Law Partners team successfully obtained involuntary dismissal of all the office tenants’ remaining claims against RLP’s client. At the conclusion of trial, judgment entered for RLP’s client on their possession and summary process claims.

The trial judge also awarded RLP’s client back rent for the months that rent was withheld by the office tenants, use and occupancy, and the client’s attorneys’ fees. Congratulations to Attorney Nabulsi and the rest of the trial team on a successful result for RLP’s client!